The Holistic Health Reset


What if your fatigue, brain fog, sluggish metabolism, achy joints and muscles, headaches, mood imbalance, or digestive issues could be prevented – and even eliminated – by making some simple, measured adjustments to your food and lifestyle choices? 

The Holistic Health Reset is a customizable, science-based online program designed to help you reset and upgrade your health and performance.

Fun Fact

Food is the most common irritant.

Every bite of food you eat sends chemical messages to your body that trigger a reaction. If you eat foods that irritate your body, your immune system will identify it as foreign invaders and will be activated to “search and destroy” the dangerous pollutants. Bloating, irritable bowel, headaches, weight gain, and joint pain are some examples of the collateral damage of this irritated, inflamed state that can eventually lead to a myriad of health conditions and disease.

Want to Find Out Your Health Score?

Conventional medicine prescribes the bandaid approach to “patch up” the problem with medications instead of identifying and addressing the root cause of the symptoms.

What if, instead of spending endless money and time on the guesswork approach to health, you chose to take a scientific approach to your wellness and eliminate your need and desire for medications, drugs, stimulants, and addictive foods?

Enter, the proven Holistic Health Reset.

What it is:

✓ A science-based method grounded in the latest nutritional research to identify the specific foods substances that your body chemistry is unable to tolerate and are causing you irritation, allergies, and adverse immune reactions.
✓ A delicious, nutrient-dense, personalized meal plan designed to calm, cleanse, and repair your immune system and identify exactly what your unique food requirements are.
✓ A step-by-step program that will a new awareness about how the foods you eat make you feel and affect your brain function, immune system, metabolism, and performance.

how it works:

For part of this 7-week online program, we’ll temporarily eliminate the most common addictive or inflammatory foods that may be causing your symptoms (which are your body’s way of saying there’s an imbalance).

We’ll then systematically reintroduce each food to allow us to identify the exact irritants, chose whether or not to remove them from your diet, and build a personalized, sustainable nutrition plan to replenish and rebalance your body with the nutrients it needs to be symptom-free and achieve optimal function.

Eat REAL food.  Detox and RESET your body.  Feel and function BETTER.

Not sure if this is the program for you?