The Holistic Health Reset

What would optimal function mean to you?

Fun Fact: Food is the #1 cause of allergies and irritants

But WHAT foods should you avoid, and WHY?

That answer is unique to each person, because everyone’s body chemistry and physiological responses are unique.

The Holistic Health Reset is a 7-week online program designed to calm, cleanse, and rebalance your body’s environment (microbiome) and help you determine which foods are causing unwanted symptoms, and which foods contribute to a healthier, more vibrant you.

Cleanse and heal your gut. Detox and RESET your body. Feel amazing. Learn what works for YOU with the Holistic Health Reset!

Holistic Health means living without an unhealthy gut which causes fatigue, brain fog, a sluggish metabolism, food cravings, headaches, allergies, skin, or digestive issues.

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The solution starts HERE!

If you’ve tried countless diets, drugs, doctors, and exercise programs and haven’t found sustainable solutions, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re suffering from achy joints and muscles, depression, brain fog, digestive issues, or an autoimmune condition, the Holistic Health Reset is designed to help you get to the root of your symptoms, remove the toxins and irritants that may be causing them, and calm and rebalance your system.

We’re here to guide and support you through this in-depth process that will help you make sustainable, life-altering changes that can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms that are making you sick or holding you back from the goals you’re after.

We’ll lay out each step of the program and help you stay on track, enjoy the process, and make lasting dietary changes.

Program layout

Phase 1: Prep week

Step-by-step instructions and videos on how to clean out your kitchen, assemble your customized meal plan and shopping list, take your starting measurements, and be prepared for your Reset!

Phase 2: Holistic reset; Remove & Replace

Rediscover REAL, delicious food that satisfies your cravings, balances your hormones, and keeps you satiated throughout your day while restoring your gut health and integrity. No calorie or macro restrictions; eat mindfully, and you may eat as much as you’d like – of the RIGHT foods.

Phase 3: reintroduction; Reinoculate, Repair, & Rebalance

Systematically reintroducing food groups and examining your body’s response. Based on your results, you may decide some foods should be avoided for another few weeks, months, or “forever,” and others may be reintroduced completely or on an occasional basis.


How does it work?

After 1 week of preparation and planning, we’ll remove the most common sources of food allergies and irritants from your diet for 3 weeks and give you recipes and meal plans to help you replace them with wholesome, nourishing foods that leave you feeling satiated and happy.

We’ll then walk you through an organized process of re-introducing one food at a time, monitoring your body’s unique responses, and determining which foods you’re able to tolerate well, occasionally, or not at all.

You’ll then be able to identify and remove or reduce the foods that are causing reactionary symptoms or wreaking havoc on your health and customize the perfect nutrition plan for your unique body chemistry.

Why do I need a Reset?

Every bite of food you eat has an impact on your health. While “eating clean” may sound simple enough, the truth is, there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet, because every person’s physiological responses and nutritional needs are different. Wouldn’t you love to find the exact do’s and don’ts for YOUR body?

We’re here to offer an approach that’s grounded in scientific research, personalized for YOU, and has been proven to help millions of people reduce and even eliminate cravings, the need for medications, and symptoms of an unhealthy gut including weight gain, inflammation, joint and muscle aches, bloating, hormone imbalances, mood issues, and even digestive and autoimmune conditions.

What should I expect?

While you go through this reset, keep in mind that while you may not be overjoyed about giving up some of your favorite foods, we’re only asking that you remove them for 3 solid weeks. Think of it like a scientific experiment to find the perfect, customized, long-term health plan, and at the end of the 7-week program you’ll experience an entirely new relationship with food as well as improved energy, brain and digestive function, and overall performance.

There will be days where you feel amazing and full of energy, and days when you may feel some withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, an irritable mood, or even nausea. Those can be temporary reactions to the changes that are occurring in your body – but don’t worry – we’re here to support you and provide you with #HealthHacks to set you up for success and help you get through and even enjoy this process.

What Our Clients Report:

  • A calm, healthy gut
  • Improved immune system and function
  • Weight control and improved metabolism
  • Relief from digestive issues including gas, bloating, constipation, cramps, reflux, and nausea
  • Increased energy
  • Improved brain function and clarity
  • Pain relief
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Reducing food cravings
  • Relief from symptoms of autoimmune conditions
  • Healing of skin conditions like acne, rashes, and hives
  • Relief from headaches
  • Better breathing and relief from sinus infections and asthma
  • Better quality sleep

What’s included in the program?

✓ Shopping guides, recipes, meal plans, videos, forms, webinars, blog articles, interactive food journals and symptom trackers, and all the resources you’ll need to guide you through each step of this program.

✓ Access to our private online community where you can learn from others who have similar health goals, share your tips and experiences, and find support from others who are in the same program.

Are you ready to press the RESET button and discover Holistic Health?

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