What should I expect during the Holistic Health Reset?

While you go through this program, keep in mind that while you may not be overjoyed about giving up some of your favorite foods, we’re only asking that you remove them for 3 solid weeks. Think of it like a scientific experiment to find the perfect, customized, long-term health plan, and at the end of the 7-week program you’ll experience an entirely new relationship with food as well as improved health, energy, brain and digestive function, and overall performance.

There will be days where you feel amazing and full of energy, and days when you may feel some withdrawals symptoms like fatigue, an irritable mood, a headache, or even nausea. Those can be temporary reactions to the changes that are occurring in your body – but don’t worry – we’re here to support you and provide you with #HealthHacks to set you up for success and help you get through and even enjoy this process.


How long does the program last?

The program lasts 7 weeks and is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1 (Week 1): Prep week

During Phase 1, we’ll help you prepare your Reset Meal Plan and provide you with all the resources you need to be successful including a food list of “do’s and don’ts”, a 126-page customizable recipe book, weekly meal planners, symptom and progress trackers, and more.

Phase 2 (Weeks 2-4): Holistic Reset: Remove, Replace, Restore, and Rebalance

Remove the irritants, replace them with a balanced diet of the RIGHT kinds of foods for your unique biochemistry, and get ready to feel satisfied, light, happy, and satiated after every delicious meal! As we restore calm in your gut ecosystem, you’ll notice a clearer head, more energy, better sleep, and symptoms like headaches, bloating, food cravings, and sinus issues disappear! It’s like achieving the ultimate “gut zen”!

Phase 3 (Weeks 5-7): Reintroduction

The goal is to have a diet that’s as diverse, delicious, and nutritious as possible, but also one that keeps you feeling this amazing. So this is where we do another 3-week science experiment of reintroducing each food one at a time, documenting the changes they bring about and how they make you feel, and determining whether they cause your body harm or health.

If the food has a positive reaction, you get to bring it back into your diet as often as you’d like. If it has a negative reaction, you may experience symptoms like bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, trouble sleeping, a loss in energy, skin blemishes or nasal congestion, etc. Here’s where you’ll need to be honest with yourself and closely track and monitor your symptoms. You may have some minor, more tolerable reactions to certain food that, while is still a sign that your body doesn’t love this particular food, allows you to decide if it’s worth it to include this food in your daily diet, or just occasionally, or if you want to remove it from your diet altogether.

You’ll finish the 7 weeks with a whole new outlook and relationship with food, nutrition, health, and your body’s physiological needs and responses. You’ll finally know and love the meal plan that works for you!


Can I do this program if I travel often?

If this is a whole new way of eating for you, it’s best to plan your Reset during a time when you’re home and able to focus on cooking and preparing your meals, saying “no” to foods that aren’t on your meal plan, and adjusting to the symptoms and feelings you experience. While eating out isn’t a “no-no” during the program, it’s certainly more difficult to find high-quality proteins, fats, and vegetables while dining out, so we recommend you try to set aside at least the 3 weeks that you’ll be able to focus on your meal plan.

This is not to say that it will be impossible to do the Holistic Health Reset while you’re traveling, but you’ll need to plan to take some essentials with you and look ahead to see what restaurants in the area have options which are conducive to the Reset Meal Plan.


Will I have to miss out on social events during the program?

No, but it’s best not to plan your Reset around a big social event that you know will have plenty of tempting food and beverages that you can’t enjoy like a wedding, beach vacation or holiday. You don’t need to endure that unnecessary suffering, so please plan a time that you’ll be able to follow the diet 100%.


Do the meals require a lot of prep time each day?

Planning to begin the Reset Meal Plan can take some thought, but don’t worry; we have you covered. Week 1 (Phase 1) is dedicated to helping you prepare for the rest of the program. We’ll provide food lists and recipes and help you prepare everything you need for a successful program.

That being said, we’ve made sure meal prep will be a breeze! The program recipe book has over 100 recipe options, from quick, 5-minute recipes to elaborate entrées! Take as little or as much time as you’d like to prepare these meals depending on your schedule for that day.


Can I do this program if I have kids?

This program is great for all ages and is incredibly family-friendly! It may require some change in dietary choices, but it is absolutely safe and healthy for kids! As a general disclaimer, please discuss all dietary and health changes with your nutritionist. They’ll be thrilled to know you’re taking on this new lifestyle!

The recipes are both delicious and nutritious and will help you find program-friendly versions of your family’s favorite meals! We don’t believe in boring, tasteless foods, so we’ve designed over 100 recipes so you and your loved ones won’t run out of healthy, gut-friendly meal, beverage, and snack options!


Can I exercise while doing this program?

Absolutely! This program works great along with an exercise routine and many clients have reported higher energy levels during this program and have even noticed an improvement in their workout performance and results. You’ll find that making healthy meal choices will also inspire you to make healthier choices in other areas of your life.


Can I do this program if I’m pregnant?

It’s important that you consult your OBGYN before altering your meal plan or incorporating any new regimens into your daily routine. While we believe that eating healthy during your pregnancy can be extremely beneficial to mommy and baby, it’s important that your specialist is involved in every step of the way!


Can I do this program on a budget?

Sure! While choosing the healthiest organic options can sometimes be a bit pricier, you’ll find that investing a bit more in the quality of your food goes a long way in terms of the quality of how you look, feel, and function. Also, cutting out items like alcohol, sweetened beverages, coffee, and processed foods will help you save. In addition, eating out is costly, and many clients report opting for meal prep and eating at home most of the time since it’s easier to prepare and eat healthy Reset-friendly meals. We’re willing to bet you’ll actually end up saving!  


Are there cheat days?

Cheat days are a strict “no” during the Reset. This is NOT a conventional diet; we’re solving the puzzle of your symptoms by removing all irritating foods! In order for this science experiment to work, you have to follow it 100% of the way. No exceptions!

If you slip up, no big deal; just get right back on the bandwagon – but realize you’ll have to start from Day 1 of Phase 2. Is that one slice of cold pizza really worth ruining all your hard work on day 15? We don’t think so either.

This isn’t a difficult feat; it just requires making the decision to commit these 6 weeks (Phases 2 and 3) to your health so you can once and for all solve the mystery of your symptoms and experience optimal performance.


What do I need to get started?

We have dedicated a full week (Phase 1) to removing all the guesswork and helping you get completely prepared, so don’t worry about that! During Phase 1, we’ll provide all the resources you need, make sure you purchase your foods, make your meal plan, and bulk prep your foods so you’ll be 100% ready to go on Day 1 of Phase 2.  

Be sure you join our Facebook group where you can hear from others who are either doing or have done the Reset Meal Plan and get answers to your questions.


Can I participate in this program if I have dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! There are many different food alternatives, and we’re here to help you create the perfect meal plan to fit your dietary requirements. If you do have any specific restrictions, feel free to reach out and we’ll help you work around that and recommend recipes and a plan that’s right for you.


Is this program calorie restrictive?

No. There are a few guidelines to help you get the most out of each meal that we’ll cover in week 1, but other than that, you may eat as much as you want of the recommended healthy, nutritious options that will leave you feeling amazing and satiated. If you need meal ideas, refer to our Reset Recipe Book, or ask others in our Facebook group for tips on delicious gut-friendly meals.


Will this program help with weight loss?

When your engine is working well, your whole machine works well. This is to say that weight loss is a common side effect of the Holistic Health Reset, but it’s not the primary goal. In fact, one of the rules is that after you’ve taken your “before” measurements, pictures, and weight, absolutely NO weighing or measuring yourself until the end of the 7 weeks.


Because we want you to focus on giving your body what it needs, not what you THINK is healthiest or the lowest-calorie option. Sounds counterintuitive, but after you understand the effects each type of food has on your unique body, you’ll understand why many of the “health” or “diet” foods you’ve been eating were actually working against you.

Take a deep breath, hide that judgemental, misinformed scale, keep calm, and follow the program.