You’ve heard the trendy word “detox” being thrown around; but do you understand what it really means, why it matters, and how it works? (Spoiler alert: most people don’t!)

While many of the detox teas, supplements, superfoods, and diets on the market may support the health of your organs, these “quick-fixes” won’t actually repair a broken detoxification system.


Here’s how the detoxification process works

No matter where you live on this planet, you’re constantly exposed to toxins that enter your body via your skin, eyes, respiratory system, mucus membranes, and mouth. Your body has an intricate detoxification system that’s working 24/7 to process nutrients, extract and dispose of waste and toxins, and protect your body from outside invaders.

Your detoxification system uses a series of enzymes, chemicals, and systems to break down and metabolize the waste and safely eliminate it from your body. As our society has become more and more industrialized, our exposure to environmental pollution and food chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, and fungi has drastically increased. Because our built-in detoxification system wasn’t designed to handle these unnatural substances, our detox organs are on overdrive and are often unable to keep up with the toxic load we’re constantly exposed to.

When your detox system can’t keep up, it stores the toxins in your brain, blood, bones, and fat, which over time can cause collateral damage to your body. Imagine only being able to remove a portion of your garbage from your home. Within weeks, your home would become a toxic dump that festers bacteria and toxic waste. That’s what happens to our bodies when we’re unable to remove toxins.

Nearly all disease and illness is caused or aggravated by an overload of toxins that have accumulated in your body.

Conventional medicine focuses on relieving your symptoms, but rarely considers the root cause of them.

Signs You Need To Detox:

It’s important to keep your detox system balanced and in good working order to stay ahead of any potential chronic conditions or serious health risks! If your system is unable to detoxify, these symptoms and more may be present.

1. Acid reflux and/or heartburn

2. Body Odor

3. Chemical sensitivity (smelling fragrances or chemicals makes you sick)

4. Complexion issues (acne, rosacea, itchy skin)

5. Cravings and/or blood sugar issues

6. Digestive issues (bloating, gas, irritable bowel)

7. Excess belly fat, weight loss resistance, fluid retention

8. Fatigue unrelieved by sleep

9. Headaches

10. High blood pressure

11. Insomnia and/or poor-quality sleep

12. Moodiness, depression, or anger

13. Muscle and/or joint aches and pains

14. Nausea

15. Overheating and/or excessive sweating

16. Puffy, dark circles under your eyes

How to Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

Each of us is biochemically unique – especially in our ability to handle the toxins we’re exposed to everyday. While our genetics may predispose us to health risks, making some simple lifestyle changes can help alter our genetic predispositioning.

1. Change the way you eat

Remove toxic foods and irritants and replace them with wholesome foods that support your health.

2. Cleanse and heal your gut

Learn the specific foods that do your body good, reduce inflammation, and cultivate a calm gut environment.

3. Remove harmful chemicals

Reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, pollutants, and medications (be sure to read labels!).

4. Reduce stress

Detoxify your negative emotions.

How You Can Effectively Detox Your Body

You might be surprised to hear that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” program for effectively detoxifying the body — it’s a process that’s unique to each individual’s needs and health history. And, depending on your history of toxin exposure, antibiotics usage, or symptoms, jumping into a detox program too quickly can leave you sicker than when you started. You have to calm, cleanse, and heal your gut before you can start pulling out other stored toxins.

The Holistic Health Reset has proven to be the safest, most effective first step in beginning your detox journey. This science-based program will take you through a 7-week process that includes 1 week of preparation, 3 weeks of removing a specific list of foods that science shows to be the most common irritants, then another 3 weeks of systematically reintroducing 1 food group at a time and monitoring your unique response and reaction to each food.

The Holistic Health Reset program will help you:

– Eliminate any foods or food ingredients that may be keeping your detox system in overload

– Calm and cleanse your gut and begin rebalancing your gut ecosystem (microbiome)

– Identify the foods that are harming you and the ones that are healing you

– Begin to heal your gut and improve digestion

– Customize the perfect, sustainable meal plan for your unique body chemistry